Fall Garden Tips

Amend Soil

A fall application of 1-2 inches of compost or manure will help refresh your soil for next season.

Test Soil

Check your soil PH. The ideal range is between 6.3 and 6.9 for vegetables. Too low? Add lime.


It is time to turn off your watering system, disassemble hoses, put away sprinklers and put foam hats on your faucets. 

Finish Vegetable Harvest

Dry or freeze herb and can or freeze any remaining crops. My kitchen is full of platters of green tomatoes awaiting green tomato chutney and salsa verde.

Plant Garlic

Check out the link Pat Smith, aka 'The Garlic Lady' shared last month, seattletimes.com/pacific-nw-magazine, for a planting tutorial.

Enjoy Pumpkins and Winter Squash

Great for decorating and eating!

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Holiday Parade December 1

SWGC will again participate in the Langley Holiday Parade on Saturday December 1 at 1 PM. We will be filling seed packets at the November meeting  to hand out at the parade. Jeana Noel will need help decorating her truck. Judy La Course  and Jeana are coordinating.  Plan on walking or riding, invite a friend and be ready for some holiday fun! 

November Birthdays

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