Plantastic! Plant sale April 28, 2017

Bayview Hall

Sale is inside this year at historic Bayview Hall at Bayview Corner. Haven't signed up to help yet? Contact Debby Hedlund at or you can still sign up at the April meeting.

Plant Sale Set-up

Set-up starts at 1 PM on Friday, April 27 setting up tables and work areas. Plants and Garden treasures can come in after 2 PM.

Label and price your plants

White tags are for plant name, color if known and care specifics. Color tags are color coded for price.

Garden Treasures

Tracy is organizing garden art, recycled garden tools, pots, garden books, etc  for the sale! Questions? Tracy Heffelfinger


Bake Sale

Bring weel wrapped and labeled bake goods Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Call Carolyn Burningham if you have a question. 206.919.8057


Joy Smith has collected a wonderful array of raffle items from a round trip on the Whidbey Shuttle to a fabulous weather vane from Ace! You can pre -sale purchase and sell tickets to friends, purchase tickets at the April meeting or at the sale. Tickets are $1 each. Joy Smith 360.221.2103

About Us

April Birthdays

Beth Schmidt

Aurora Saint Yves

Rod Parke  80 years young!

Sandy Hoffelt Olson

Carolyn Haroldson

Claudia George

Leann Byrum

Diane Anderson

Linda Eckhart

And remembering Sue Van Guiesen

May Birthdays

Stephanie Pearson

Stephanie Jushinski

Mark Dancer

Craig Clattenburg

Jane Bothel

Karen Olson

Many Hands make Light Work

It is time to sign up for 2018-19 SWGC jobs and commitees. Check out the jobs in your yearbook and decide where you can offer a hand. Hostesses and greeters needed for each monthly meeting.  Sign ups continue at the  May meeting.

2018-19 dues are $15 and  can be paid to Tracy at the May Meeting. Free membership to those over 80 years old:)

2018-19 officer slate

Pat Smith & Bonnie Sheeran- Presidents

Carol Doering- Secretary