It is Fall cleanup time!

Mulch your perrenials and remove dead branches from trees and shrubs. Remember to leave some "duff" on the ground for the birds!

Holiday Auction

In years past we have had silent auctions at our December  meeting. This year we will have a SERENDIPITY AUCTION  an auction of members talents and services. If you have something to offer contact Sandy Eschen or Kathy Habel by October 20! 

We will have a pamphlet of items offered at our November Meeting so you can get together with friends to plan what to bid on!

Summer Blooms

The lily bilbs Tonya Henny and her daughter brought to us last spring were a roaring success!


September Birthdays

  • Linda Alexander
  • Bernie Barker
  • Barb Enberg
  • Ann Graham
  • Tracy Heffelfinger
  • Pat Rothlisberger
  • Jennifer Weimer

October Birthdays

  • Ashley Swann
  • Sheri Gerhard
  • Jon Miller
  • Diana Schultz
  • Susanne Seymour
  • Ricki Vadset
  • Karen Anne Weber

November Birthdays

  • Penny Bell
  • Gwen Brass
  • Betty Clark
  • Pat Davis
  • Colleen Mashmett
  • Coyla Shepard

November Meeting

November 17, 2017

The Four Season Cutting Garden 

with Melissa Brown

December Meeting

December 15, 2017

Holiday Potluck, Auctions and Story Time

Bring your favorite appetizer, main dish or dessert to share.

Ways and Means

Garden tools you want to recycle? Pots, seeds, bric a brac, candles, decorations you are ready to give up? Consider bringing them to SWGC for the Ways and Means table. Members contribute to take home "new to them" treasures!