It is Grant Application time!

  We look forward to receiving grant applications and learning about  possible projects that will enhance our community on South Whidbey Island.  The South Whidbey Garden Club is seeking grant applications from organizations interested in pursuing funding for projects that foster or demonstrate the following outcomes: Environmental stewardship· Horticultural education 

Community beautification 

The South Whidbey Garden Club requires that the grant be given to non-profit or educational organizations.Funds should be earmarked for the purchase of supplies or to provide educational services. No more than 10% of the amount awarded can be used for administrative costs. Funds from this grant can be used as matching for larger funding proposals. The maximum amount awarded is $500.   PROPOSALS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY JANUARY 8, 2018. For an application or more information please contact: Sandy Eschen E-mail: or phone: 425.443.5672 (leave message) 

Holiday Auction

In years past we have had silent auctions at our December  meeting. This year we will have a SERENDIPITY AUCTION  an auction of members talents and services. Get excited!!! We have a great line-up of auction items!

We will have a pamphlet of items offered at our November Meeting so you can get together with friends to plan what to bid on!

Garden Tools

An easy way to  put away your tools for the winter, Fill an old bucket or pot with sand and WD-40 or vegetable oil. Knock dirt clumps off your metal tools and then stick the metal parts into the sand. You can rub the wooden handles with linseed oil. In the spring rub off the sand with a rough cloth. Be sure to save the oily sand for next year!


Fairy Gardens

Start collecting low pots and ceramic or wood accessories for the fairy gardens we will be making this spring for our plant sale!

October Birthdays

  • Ashley Swann
  • Sheri Gerhard
  • Jon Miller
  • Diana Schultz
  • Susanne Seymour
  • Ricki Vadset
  • Karen Anne Weber

November Birthdays

  • Penny Bell
  • Gwen Brass
  • Betty Clark
  • Pat Davis
  • Colleen Mashmett
  • Coyla Shepard

Plant Sale April 28,2018

Aurora Saint Yves and Nancy Bryne haves volunteered  to chair our Plant-astic Sale at Bayview Hall.  Bravo, Aurora and Nancy!!!

Start thinking about what you can do to help.

December Meeting

December 15, 2017

Holiday Potluck, Auctions and Story Time

Bring your favorite appetizer, main dish or dessert to share.

Ways and Means

Garden tools you want to recycle? Pots, seeds, bric a brac, candles, decorations you are ready to give up? Consider bringing them to SWGC for the Ways and Means table. Members contribute to take home "new to them" treasures!